Typically $0 out of pocket.  Nytingale bills most insurance plans*.

Includes lab cost and Nytingale fees.

Lab Partner:

How COVID-19 Nasal Swab Testing Works

(Determine an Active Infection)

Schedule your 1st telemedicine appointment and complete your chart registration.  Schedule your evaluation appointment at your soonest convenient time.  Your appointment will not be confirmed until you complete your registration.

Schedule your 2nd telemedicine visit.  This visit is typically much shorter.  A provider will guide you through self-collection of the sample needed for the lab.  Please have your supplies in hand and ready.

Complete your 1st telemedicine visit.  Your provider will evaluate your condition, review your medical history, and answer any questions.  If deemed appropriate, your test will be ordered.

Send your sample to the lab.  Send your collected sample to the lab ASAP.  Either by dropbox or scheduled pick up by FedEx.  Your sample needs to be sent within 24 hours of collection.  The sooner the better.

Your testing supplies will be shipped overnight.  Your video must be done by 3pm to receive your supplies next day.  Once you receive your supplies, review "preparing for your collection visit" here.

Get Your Results.  Usually in less than 2 days, you will receive your results by the method you and your provider agreed upon (email, phone, text, or patient portal).  Your provider will offer any necessary education, treatment (if appropriate for telemedicine), and recommendations regarding your results.

Your test collection is time sensitive.  You must complete your 2nd visit the same day as you receive your test kit AND you must send your sample to the lab within 24 hours of collection.  If possible, it's best to know how you will return your lab sample before you receive it.  Either by dropbox (find one, know its times, and know how to get to it) or pick-up (schedule it based on your collection visit and FedEx available times).

Nasal Swab
Patients who have COVID-19 symptoms or meet CDC criteria for testing.  Also for patients needing "Exposure Status" for work or restricted access areas.
Nasal swab just inside the nostrils.
Face to face guidance with a provider through telemedicine.
Requires 2 telemedicine visits.  One for the evaluation and one for the sample collection.
2 days or less after lab receipt.  Depending on lab volume.
Typically $0 out of pocket.  Nytingale bills most insurance plans*.  Includes lab cost and Nytingale fees.

Collection Method
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