How We Make Reimbursement Easy and Quick

The power of Reimbursify© is in our website!

After you have completed payment with Nytingale Virtual Urgent Care, your itemized healthcare receipt (called a superbill) will be available within your patient portal account.  Simply download the receipt and complete the form below.

Frequently asked questions about Reimbursify

What does it cost to use Reimbursify?

The app is free to download and for new users, the first claim you file with Reimbursify is always free. After that, the cost to file a single claim (one visit with a provider) is $2.99. You can also pre-purchase a “10-pack” for $19.99 which is good for a year. In addition, your provider may have signed up for our “Provider Pro” subscription which means all claims for visits to their practice are free for you! You can see if your provider is a Provider Pro right in the app! Your first 5 claims with Nytingale will be free!

What if my insurance rejects my claim?

Sometimes claims can be rejected for legitimate reasons but often they get rejected for no good reason at all (just ask anyone who has filed claims before!). If a claim gets rejected or denied, Reimbursify’s Rejection Resolution Pathway will help you easily navigate how to correct it. If your claim needs to be refiled, the re-filing will always be free.

What is an out-of-network claim?

Many healthcare providers--such as nurse practitioners, doctors, therapists, specialists--do not accept some or any health insurance plans. When this is the case, you have to pay the bill directly to the provider and then submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement. This is a difficult process that requires searching for forms online, printing hardcopies, filling out those forms by hand and mailing via snail mail. Errors are common and can easily result in rejection of claims for even the smallest issue.

How can I be sure my health information is kept safe?

Reimbursify was conceived and developed by healthcare experts and we value privacy and data security above all else. We exceed all HIPAA specified security guidelines. We will never share any of your PHI (Protected Health Information) without your permission except as needed to process your claims.

How do I know if I have out-of-network benefits?

Most private health insurance plans provide some level of out-of-network reimbursement. If you see the terms “POS”, “PPO” or “out-of network” on your insurance card then you are likely eligible. If you see “HMO”, “Medicare” or “Medicaid” then you probably do not. Check with your insurance company or HR rep to be sure.

How does Reimbursify work?

It’s simple: you see your out-of-network healthcare provider and pay for the visit. They will give you a detailed receipt (known as a “superbill”) that has the necessary information on it to file a claim with the Reimbursify app within minutes. The app will alert you when the claim has been received by your insurance company and then again when you should expect your reimbursement check in the mail (usually within 2-4 weeks). That’s it! There are no forms to fill out, nothing to fax or mail, and nothing to remember.

That's it!

You can download the app to follow your claim's progress.

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If you are symptomatic or had a recent exposure, most Insurances Will Reimburse For The Full Amount

(or apply to deductible).  If you need a test to travel, return to work or for access to businesses or services, your insurance may not cover the cost.  We recommend contacting your insurance to inquire about coverage.


Starting on March 18, 2020 and lasting for the duration of the public health emergency, all forms of public and private insurance, including self-funded plans, must now cover FDA-approved COVID-19 tests and costs associated with diagnostic testing with no cost-sharing, as long as the test is deemed medically appropriate by an attending health care provider. 

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, enacted on March 27, 2020, expanded protections by requiring private plans to also fully cover out-of-network tests. The CARES Act requires health plans to reimburse out-of-network COVID-19 test claims at up to the cash price that the provider has posted on a public web site.

Medicare, Medicaid, and private plans also must cover serology tests that can determine whether an individual has been infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and developed antibodies to the virus.

Nytingale has partnered with Reimbursify© to help you get your money back from our services. 

Built on decades of experience in the healthcare industry, Reimbursify’s proprietary claim-filing process ensures efficient submissions that get reimbursed fast.

Reimbursify works for any out-of-network office visit, with any doctor, practitioner, therapist or specialist, and with any insurance company.

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