What is a "Proof of Vaccine" letter?


A "Proof of Vaccine" letter is a signed note from your medical record that can be used as evidence of receiving your COVID-19 vaccination.  This document should be accepted by any US business or organization requiring vaccination for access.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Click "Purchase "Proof of Vaccine" Letter". Complete the online form with your vaccine information, complete the health information request form, enter credit card information, and submit the form. A Nytingale provider will then obtain your vaccine record, verify it, and complete a signed letter for you to access and print from our patient portal.

Is this a "vaccine passport"?

Our "proof of vaccine" letter is first and formost a component of your medical record. Technically this document is a chart note no different than any note written by any other healthcare provider. Records are exchanged on a regular basis as long as HIPAA regulations are followed. These same regulations allow us to get original documentation and create a Nytingale medical record for you. You may then access your record from our portal to show as medical proof.

Will this be accepted anywhere?

Any chart note, letter, or form signed by a US licensed healthcare is accepted by all US businesses and entities. As an added extra insurance, our documents are electronically and hand signed with digital certification. However, in this current environment with pandemic issues politicized. We recommend verifying acceptance before purchase.

What would I use a "proof of vaccination" letter for?

Currently many business are asking for their patrons to be vaccinated due to crowds and close quarters that cannot be avoided. Examples include but are not limited to colleges and universities, cruise lines, and other travel venues. Please check with the business or organization if you are unsure of their requirements.

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Sample PoV Letter