How a Patient Orders Physician Approved MicroGenDX COVID-19 Sample Collection Materials

  1. Patient gets email from physician with MicroGenDX website link to order COVID-19 Sample Collection Materials.

  2. Patient enters password from email.

  3. Patient chooses billing method:

    1. Submit to Medicare (No up front cost)

    2. Prepaid COVID-19 Sample Collection Materials

    3. Private Insurance (No up front cost)

  4. Patient enters physician authorization code.

patient order.png

5. Patient selects number of sample collection materials they are approved to order.

6. Patient clicks “Checkout.”

7. Patient enters physician’s or NP's name (in your email).

patient order2.png

8. Patient completes the order form and selects “Submit.”

9. Sample collection materials are shipped to address provided by the patient.

10. Patient uses prepaid FedEx shipping box to ship sample to MicroGenDX labs.

11. Physician/NP gets test results from MicroGenDX.