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About Each Test:

*If appropriate and necessary, Nytingale providers offer guidance and real time face to face instruction for specimen collection with the COVID-19 PCR swab test, this test is shipped directly to the patient and returned to Gravity Diagnostics or MicroGenDX lab for processing.  Nytingale does not perform the actual laboratory testing process, a provider supervises the collection.

Antibody testing for COVID-19 will be performed by a Quest Diagnostics Lab or LabCorp representative with a Nytingale order. 

A complete evaluation of the patient's condition is performed and a test order is given only if appropriate.  Nytingale does NOT offer stand alone self administered "home test kits".  The FDA has not authorized Nytingale to offer "in-home test kits".



About The COVID-19 Testing Service

How does the test work?

This is a deep nasal swab (less deep if patient has symptoms). This test detects specific genes from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is the virus that causes COVID-19. After you provide a sample, the virus's genetic material is extracted from it and these specific genes are looked for in a laboratory. If they are there, the test is considered positive. This test is NOT a do-it-yourself at-home test. This test is ordered by a healthcare provider and the patient if followed by the healthcare provider through the process with guidance, education, and results review.

Should I get tested?

You can go to for a quick screening tool.

Can I get tested if I do not have symptoms?

Short answer is Yes but you must meet certain criteria: Healthcare Worker. Your current exposure status and local infection concentration will be considered by your provider. CDC guidelines recommend testing of patients that fall into 3 different priorities. However, your provider ultimately will decide the appropriateness of testing. As our society moves toward a less acute state and "begin business as usual" this criteria may change. Please check with the or our website regularly.

Which test will show if I have developed immunity to COVID-19 virus?

The antibody test shows your possible immunity to COVID-19. It can take up to 14 days for antibodies to build in your system from the date of symptom start. While the test is very accurate and specific to COVID-19 there is not a 100% guarantee that your antibodies are due to a recent COVID-19 infection. Learn more about the testing method here. No test can provide that guarantee at this time.

What's the difference in this test and the antibody test?

This test uses a deep nasal swab to determine if you are actively infected. The antibody test is a blood test to determine previous infection and antibody development from that infection. It can take up to 10 days from symptom start to develop detectable antibodies.

How long after the sample collection is done do I have to send the sample to the lab?

Your sample should be shipped to lab within 12 hours of collection, within 24 hours is acceptable. The quickest shipping improves the odds of an accurate result. It is recommended that you schedule a pick-up or locate a drop off location as soon as you receive your kit, this will reduce the shipping time after your "provider-guided" collection.

How does this whole process work?

If a patient is concerned about an exposure to COVID-19 or suspects their symptoms are related to it, they may click "Start A Visit for Testing" on our COVID-19 page here. Just like any medical visit, you will schedule a telemedicine visit with a provider to discuss your health and concerns and complete registration. Your account will automatically be created through this process. During your video visit your provider will determine is a COVID-19 test is appropriate. If so, you will be ordered a kit shipped to your home and you will need to schedule a second telemedicine visit to be guided through the sample collection process and this will allow the provider to follow up on any further concerns or previous treatment (eg. medications for symptom treatment). Once your results are back (usually 36-48 hours after lab receipt), your provider will reach out to discuss them by email, phone, or video visit. Your provider will continue to offer care and support as long as its safe to provider through telemedicine.

How much will the COVID-19 nasal swab testing cost?

Currently during the "State of Emergency" due to the pandemic, many (if not all) insurance carriers are covering the test and waiving copays if the test is recommended by a provider. If you do not have insurance or choose not to use your insurance, your cost will be $189 for the complete service to include full medical evaluation, lab order, prescription for symptoms if needed, 2 telemedicine visits, result review, guidance and care regardless of test result, and education. If you have insurance your cost will likely be $0 if Nytingale providers are in network and possible even if out of network based on carrier. You will not pay more than $189.

Are the test samples time sensitive?

Yes. When a sample is obtained every effort should be made to insure the sample arrives to the lab intact and unharmed. Since the survival time for microbes can be short in some cases, it's important that it gets to the lab as quickly as possible for a valid result. If a test kit sample arrives at the lab more than 36 hours after sample collection, it will be considered invalid and the lab order will be canceled and the process will need to be restarted. If a sample never reaches the lab the order will be canceled and the patient will be responsible for all costs incurred.

Can the testing be done at anytime on anyday?

No. Samples can only be received at times the lab is open. Therefore timing of the sample collection is important and should not be done when shipping and the lab are not available. The sample needs to arrive at the lab no later than 24 hours after collection to protect its viability. When sheduling your initial telemedicine evaluation and your second telemedicine visit for sample collection, the Nytingale scheduling system will prevent appointments that don't allow for these conditions. You will only be able to schedule when these processes can be done.

Why do I need two telemedicine visits?

Your first visit with a provider is to determine your medical history, evaluate your current condition, and determine if COVID-19 testing is appropriate to order. Your second visit is if you are ordered a test. You will need to self-obtain your sample with guidance from a provider during a real time video visit for the test to be valid. If you are not ordered a test by a provider, there is no need for a second appointment unless you or your provider want to follow up on other conditions or previous treatment.

Are the tests you offer FDA approved?

The tests are the same as offered at "brick and mortar" facilities and drive-thrus, however, the FDA has not authorized any "at-home" test kits as of yet. You can review their concerns here. The FDA has valid concerns and Nytingale respects the FDA's decision regarding this matter. You can see more about why we are not an "at-home" test kit company by reading the FAQ "What makes Nytingale different than other online companies selling COVID-19 test kits?".

Can I just get the sample myself and send it in?

No. A provider must guide and witness obtaining the sample. This is to insure a proper sample and satisfy recommendations by the FDA and CDC regarding home testing. If a sample is sent in to the lab without provider involvement and guidance, the test will be canceled.

What makes Nytingale different than other online companies selling COVID-19 test kits?

Nytingale offers medical services via telemedicine. Our goal is to offer access to more people in more places without the obstacle of geography or cost. We are offering the ability to test patients for COVID-19 just as any clinic or hospital would but with real time video guidance for tests that are acceptable for self collection. In regards to COVID-19, we feel it is in the best interest of public safety to reduce exposure, and use of PPE by offering a means of testing that keeps the patient home. Telemedicine fits this need well. CDC recommendations and guidelines allow for self collection of samples with provider guidance, which we do. We also make efforts to prevent false results by strictly limiting the transport times from patient sample to lab by invalidating and canceling a delayed order. In addition to this, we monitor in real time the packaging of the sample by the patient for proper seal and specimen ID. We believe a patient needs education, reassurance and guidance concerning symptoms or other medical conditions occuring simultaneous with a possible COVID-19 infection. We do not leave the patient after the testing is done, we will continue to help them with any medical concers that can be managed safely through telemedicine. We do not sell kits, we offer care.

Will I be reported to my health department?

If you test positive for COVID-19, your results will be reported to the appropriate health department agency. This is to maintain accurate tracking of the disease.

What lab(s) do you use for the testing?

Nytingale works with Gravity Diagnostics for the swab testing (PCR) and Quest Diagnostics for antibody testing. You can check here for FDA listing of labs.

What's the difference between the nasal swab (PCR) test and the antibody test?

The nasal swab is a molecular test used to determine an active infection of COVID-19. The antibody test is a blood test (very small amount) to determine if a patient has had an active infection in the past to cause the body to create antibodies against the virus (possilbe immunity).

How accurate are these tests?

Because of the short existance of COVID-19 the are many variables that can impact the accuracy of testing. The swab test (PCR) is very specific to the COVID-19 virus so a positive result is reliable. However, the testing process and duration of symptoms can impact the collection of the virus on the swab. If swabbing is not thorough or an infection has not caused symptoms yet, there may not be enough virus on the swab for an accurate test and cause a false negative. The antibody test can be very specific to a virus but may not be specific to a particular strain. Different labs can use different methods that effect specificity. Your antibody test can be positive for a coronavirus cold you may have had last year but not the current COVID-19 strain. However, some test are very specific, thus having a low probability for false positive. The other concern is timing. Antibodies take time to be created by your body and may not be detectable if testing occurs too early. It is still unclear how long antibodies will last in your body. A detailed history is very important when getting either of these tests and neither test should be done without the appropriate education. Bottom line opinion of Nytingale: Accuracy is good for active infection if swabbing is thorough and done at the right time. Accuracy is acceptable for the antibody test if the lab method is the most specific for the COVID-19 and timing is considered.
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