Corporate and Small Business Testing

Show Your Customers You Value Their Health

Open Your Doors Safely and With Peace of Mind

Retain Employees With a Valued Service

Meet State Guidelines

How It Works


Corporate tests can be a "nasal swab" test, a saliva (spit in cup) test, or antibody testing.  There is no cost to the patient or business. Due to the CARES Act, insurances will cover the cost of COVID-19 related care without cost sharing.  Uninsured will be covered by WV Medicaid (WV residents).


Have your employees and staff sign on to and start a visit.  They will choose that it is a corporate test and enter your specific code (or you may elect to have onsite testing if your patients/clients also need testing).


Complete our online form here to create a corporate account and get a corporate code.  This will be specific to your business.  


Results will be available within 48 hours of receipt by lab.  Patients will receive their results by their method of choice, your company will receive results through a HIPAA compliant portal through Nytingale Virtual Urgent Care.


Based on the CAREs Act,all insurances should cover any care associated with COVID-19 (including testing).  If a patient is uninsured, WV Medicaid will cover the care.

Nytingale Virtual Urgent Care will bill each patient's insurance for the service and care.

Contact us with any questions or to discuss your business testing needs.


Expect a response within 2 hours on business days and within 24 hours on weekends.
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