Telemedicine Visit for Something Other Than Listed
If you do not see your problem on our list, you may still be safely treated by telemedicine.  A Nytingale provider will review your information and determine if we can help.  If we can, you will be directed to a video visit with a provider and charged for the visit.  If we can't, you will be notified by email or text and there will be no charge.
$49 if visit is appropriate
What To Expect
Register and complete your health questionnaire
A provider will review your chart to determine if a video visit is necessary
If you have a visit, your prescription will be sent to your local pharmacy
Only $49 per visit.
HSA and FSA Accepted.
Get reimbursed at
You will not be charged if you do not have a visit
Nytingale Business Office
3983 Teays Valley Rd #G1
Hurricane, WV 25526