Poison Ivy
Poison ivy is a plant that can cause an itchy, red skin rash. When people have this rash, they often say, "I got poison ivy."
The same substance that causes the poison ivy rash is also found in poison oak, poison sumac, the ginkgo fruit, and mango peels.
Related Symptoms
  • Linear rash
  • Itching
Common Treatments
  • Avoid scratching (that makes the itch worse)
  • Try putting a cold, wet cloth or paper towels on your rash
  • If your blisters have started to pop, use skin products that have aluminum acetate in them (examples include Burrow's solution and Domeboro)
  • If you have a very bad rash, your provider can prescribe medicines called steroids. These medicines can reduce swelling and relieve itching. Steroids come in creams, ointments, and pills. Your provider will decide what form you should use.
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